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‘Let’s do this, let’s reconnect with joy once again!’

With being so stretched for time these days, it’s hard to find space to work on ourselves.  In fact, it is easy to find a million excuses not to meditate, study spirituality or even exercise!

Addictions such as sugar, alcohol, our smart phones and endless TV streaming can steal even more space to simply ‘be’.

With too many actions in a moment, we lose our way. We deflect our shortcomings by blaming others instead of working on what we can fix about ourselves.

We bask in the illusion that we can live forever and miss the point of life.

It’s not all doom and gloom, though.  The good news is through self exploration, mindfulness and being conscious in the moment we can discover why we are here in this life and what life wants from us.

Here at Nature Meditations we offer the chance to tap into your inner sovereignty.

Podcasts, videos, meditations, inspiring stories, antidotes to stress and further ways to connect to the present moment via courses, retreats and yoga.

With a wealth of experience and many years of knowledge, we wish to assist our readers in their journey to realising their joyful better self.

The Founder

The Gentle Yoga Warrior is the Founder of Nature Meditations Earth and The Gentle Yoga Warrior’s podcast.

A podcast presenter, energy healer, spiritual life coach and yoga facilitator, The Gentle Yoga Warrior was inspired to make these modalities available for others having experienced profound change.


What do I need to do before I can take part in a yoga class?
Whether attending a class, training, workshop, retreat, or program – in person or online – the rules are pretty much the same:

• The most important rule is to enjoy, and not worry. Our teaches are warm and friendly and will make you feel at ease.

• Make sure you have suitable loose, but supportive, clothing – like yoga bottoms

• You have not eaten a big meal at least two hours before the class

• All advice, yoga, meditations, or training are done at your own personal risk.

• If you’re ill, or if you have any medical conditions, please consult a doctor before trying. If in doubt, do not take part.

• Please stop at once if you feel unwell.

• Please make sure you are on a non slip surface and that you can not fall on anything. A yoga mat is ideal.

• Yoga blocks and belts are worth investing in, but classes can still be tough without them

• Please note all participants need to fill out the attached form before taking part. This must be done 48 hours before the class.

• If you have any concerns please contact us first. Other than that, bring your smile, your person and enjoy!

How do I learn to meditate?
The fact you have asked already shows that you are on the path to learning. Remember when you learned to ride a bike or tie your shoelaces? Even if you can’t remember these things, think of other things you do remember. It takes a little bit of effort – sometimes daily – but it’s ultimately worth the rewards.

We are in the process of writing a little guide that is particularly relevant today. If you join our newsletter you will be the first to know. This is a freebie for our newsletter community.

I am not flexible does that matter?
Not at all! Our main teacher, The Gentle Yoga Warrior, was not born flexible, and still has to work at it after 20 years of practice. The beauty of this science is it teaches you the student to get the best out of it for individual needs. Think “little and often” – by doing five minutes of stretches a day outside the lessons goes a long way.

We love inspiring people at Nature Meditations. If any of you would like to send us your before and after pictures it would help to inspire others.

How can I contact you?
Via the contact us page. We aim to get back to you soon and are happy to answer any questions. Just like you, we don’t like spam, so please don’t spam us.

Let's stay in touch!

Thank you for joining our Nature Meditations wellness-aligned community. We are dedicated to helping you find balance, joy, harmony, and peace in your life. Follow us on Instagram or on Pinterest. Our live yoga classes can be booked via Meetup.