‘The man who has no imagination has no wings’, said Muhammad Ali.


The bad news is the more we imagine things to go wrong the more likely they will. I know from experience. On a positive note, the more optimistic our outlook, the better things can turn out as we learn to enjoy each process of life with a sense of wonderment and magic.

So how does living in the moment and being present gel with imagining stuff?

First you imagine.

Second you go for it

Third you enjoy the journey with a sense of presence rather than just aiming at the outcome

Fourth you surrender and trust.

Fifth you adopt the view that after trying if it comes to you it was meant to be, but if it doesn’t it wasn’t.

If all else fails remember this…

‘You know what ‘FAILING’ stands for? It stands for ‘Finding An Important Lesson, Inviting Needed Growth.’ -Gary Busey

So how can we use our imagination to powerfully transform our life?

Here are my top five tips.

  1.  Make a dream board.  Either the old fashioned way with cutting out magazines or via Pinterest.   Also see Pinterest for further ideas https://www.pinterest.com/explore/dream-boards/
  2. Stop procrastinating.  Stop dreaming of being what it is you want to become and just do it.  Enjoy the journey whilst keep the balance and remembering to see it all as play.  Workaholics will miss out on life too if they keep their eyes only on the goal post and forget to see the field.  Watching TV or laying around all day instead of planting seeds isn’t going to get you anywhere much either.
  3. Go post-it note crazy.  Stick them everywhere, your mirror, by your desk, your computer, in your bathroom,  anywhere you can be reminded of how great you are!  Years ago I remember being given an affirmation by a friend during a hard time in my life.   It worked, after everything else had failed, after a month of saying this affirmation every day my broken heart healed. See this article on the web for further information on affirmations.
  4.   Do some creative for yourself for at least five minutes a day.  I don’t care if you don’t think you creative, think outside the box and remember even the way you make sandwich can become art.  Look at Italy for inspiration, every thing feels like art there to me.
  5. Read books on manifestation.  A good book to start with is Louise L Hay:  You Can Heal Your Life.

A tip:  Try to feel what the feeling is that you are trying manifest.  A new home may really be the need for security, a relationship could be a case of learning to love and accept yourself more.   I always ask myself if what I want is for my highest good and will it benefit others too



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