When the weather gets warmer I take my shoes off so I can feel the ground beneath my toes. For me, each time I do this, the moment my bare feet touch the grass I start to feel less anxious, more present and more in the now.

Sitting in the grass is a way to get a hug from nature. A lawn is also a kingdom within itself for insects and other kinds of creatures. Since childhood, I have loved lawns. They feel like a carpet of nature’s ultimate grounding mat, bringing one out of stress and into calm. That’s got to be a good thing. If you suffer from hayfever, a grass meditation may be too much!#grassmeditation #lawnmeditation

Method: Find a patch of grass to sit on in some capacity. Being comfortable is important.

Slowly start to breathe in and out the nose. Take your time; no need to rush. Close the eyes too.

Flare the nostrils and suck the air softly in, expand and softly exhale. No need to force but instead work with your diaphragm, so it moves down as the belly pushes out as you inhale. Then as you exhale, the diaphragm moves up. Continue.

Get used to enjoying the breathing, a slower sense of pace, the present connection with having to do nothing other than breathe consciously.

In the process start to feel the energy of the grass. Feel its creation, how its bright green colour provides a mini forest for insects to live and grow. The rich antioxidant surface provides cooling and a deeper connection with the earth.

Picture yourself reaching the world beneath the ground, the magical world of the unknown. As you sit there breathing slowly you can touch the grass with your fingers; you may even lay on your back and feel the grounding feeling along the length of your spine.

Feel green energy coming from the grass, grounding energy full of love. It coats your aura, it draws you down beneath, underneath it all to the centre of the earth. No matter what is going on in your life, this energy helps you to keep the peace. No matter how many emails you think you have to send, no matter where you feel you need to go, innocently allow the earth to nourish your being, to suck away your stress and to coat you with love. Feel the heartbeat of mother earth through your feet.

Ask the nature to watch over you. Allow yourself to stay in their protection, breathing deeply and allowing life to unfold.

Touch the earth again and thank the grass for the help you have received today and for all future support.

Slowly start to come back and in your own time, open your eyes. You may wish to sit there for a while longer before returning to your day.

Do this meditation for five to thirty minutes, increasing the time gradually.




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